What happened at the event?


Each location was chosen for its outstanding natural beauty rather than any natural suitability for football so in some cases the playing conditions presented an interesting challenge to the players. For the photographers the unusual situations were a chance to take some incredible shots.

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Game 1:
Venice, Italy

Germany 11 : 8 UEFA

Against the backdrop of the Venice skyline, teams, supporters and competition winners jumped on board water taxis to the floating arena. The match began at 18.31 with both goalkeepers, and the boats around the pitch, kept busy with fierce shots. In the twilight photographers take amazing pictures of Germany clinching victory with 3 late goals as the fading light ends the game at 19.21.

Game 2:
Zermatt, Switzerland

Benelux 8 : 4 Play Station

Four different cable cars was an unusual way to get to this glacial game. Both teams gasp for air as the game begins and the ball slides over the white, shining pitch. Photographers take amazing detailed shots of the action, stunning view and stars as the light darkens. Benelux run out winners in what must be one of the most unique and memorable places to play a football match.

Game 3:
Antequera, Spain

South Africa 18 : 3 Juala de Grillos (Sony Music)

The musicians of Jaula de Grillos, representing Sony Music, faced one of their toughest gigs yet. Among the amazing colours of the spectacular bullring they were overwhelmed by the power of South Africa. The band showed their true sporting nature afterwards by playing their hits to the crowd – making the day and evening an experience of a lifetime for all who attended.

Game 4:
Tintagel Castle, United Kingdom

Brazil 6 : 10 Australia

Conditions were slippery and wet among the castle ruins as the dramatic contest began. At half-time it was 5-4 to Brazil and Australia’s hopes looked dashed like the balls which had gone over the cliff-edge. But then in an astounding second half, Team Australia fought back to win. It was a classic contest and fittingly both teams were singing together to celebrate at the end.

Game 5:
Iguazú Falls, Argentina

France 4 : 2 Spain

The sodden jungle floor created testing conditions for both teams but skill levels stayed high amongst the slipping and sliding. Even the photographers discarded their footwear to get some amazing action shots in the mud. France won the match but it was Spain who won the hearts giving football kit to the village children and a pair of football boots to the cacique, chief of the local tribe.

Game 6:
Pinnacle Desert, Australia

Italy 14 : 17 United Kingdom

After a pre-match welcome from the Elder of the Uward Aboriginal tribe, the traditional owners of the desert, the game kicks off in thrilling style and by half time it’s 9-9. The football is as spectacular as the deep yellow hues captured in the twilight photos and it takes a late, late breakthrough for Team UK to triumph. Never has champagne been so gratefully received by our thirsty, desert footballers.

Game 7:
South Africa

TF.com 1 : 0 Streetfootballworld

The final match saw Twilightfootball.com in white take on Streetfootballworld in orange to decide the contest. The match begins at a frantic pace as the surroundings turned golden in the light. TF.com grab a second half goal and then cling on for the win. At the final whistle Streetfootballworld sing their opponents a traditional African song – it’s a great way to end an amazing football series.